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By dayna

Copenhagen: Shots 8 & 9

On 15, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In The Flip Slide | By dayna

These are the two final photos in Copenhagen. Farvel Copenhagen. De er fantastiske, bare simpelthen fantastisk.



*Weeeeeee! I recall seeing this photo when I was scanning them, and thought, oh what a magical little place. Come to find out Tivoli is a mini theme park in Copenhagen. I’m not the biggest fan of theme parks but on my way to another photo location, I passed by Tivoli and thought, hey I’m a kid at heart, why not. So went inside and was transformed into a mini me. There were screeches coming from the haunted houses as well as the roller coasters. Parents and children alike were having a nice day roaming the grounds despite the rain. The scene at the lake is one out of a story book. It’s serene but the water looks a little more murky now than it did then. The motorized boats were originally all uniformly green and now they are multicolored. The garden in the forefront of the photo is now a viewing point for people watching their family members ride around in circles. His rich blue hues compared to my vibrant autumnal colors are the biggest difference. I’m glad I made my way into Tivoli. To feel like a kid was worth it.


Along Borsgade  


*Last photo in Copenhagen. I went out on a Sunday in the pouring rain. It seemed to get worse when I got to the location. So I did the best I could while huddled under a umbrealla. Take a shot, wipe does the lens, take a shot, wipe down the lens. Finally after standing on that bridge I got the photo. The canal wall seems to have been reconstructed and the street is a little higher as well. The dock shown in the original is gone and there are no longer boats in this part of the canal. After this photo, I felt accomplished and damn cold. Off to drink tea, then wine, lots and lots of wine.

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