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By dayna

Copenhagen: Shots 1-7

On 14, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In The Flip Slide | By dayna

Photos 1-7 now ready for your viewing pleasure. Shot on day 2 and 3 here in this cold but sunny (for now) city of Copenhagen. The whereabouts of the photos recaptured below were made possible by my flatmate as well as the lovely people I have met here. More and more, this project is turning into a scavenger hunt of sorts. Sharing stories, history, experiences along the way to get back to that spot. I have loved everything about my stay here, but the thing I have loved most are the connections I have made.

City Hall 1


*I think my grandfather did indeed scale a building to get this photo. This is the closest I could come to the original angle. One more step back and I would have been 100 feet deep in a construction pit. The building has remained the same, no major renovations and the street is now a walking path. This seems to be a common theme in most tourist areas. It looks like in the original photo, there was some sort of bus kiosk and now in it’s place is a food truck. How 2010 of you Copenhagen. And it appears to serve coldfeet? Now that I think about it, those people waiting in line did look a bit timid.

City Hall 2


*Note to self: Do not go to take photos in rush hour traffic. Why are all these people here? Oh yes, getting out of work. I guess that’s the one thing you lose when you are traveling, a sense of what day and time it is. Being bombarded by people walking in front of me and the cars in the street, I tried my best to balance on the corner of a busy intersection while going snap happy. I noticed that the photo was not lining up the way I needed it. Once again, my grandfather was in a spot where I cannot go now. This time the middle of the street. So instead of risking my life, I worked my corner the best way I knew how. Money shot above.

Carlsberg Museum


*This is one of my favorite photos of Copenhagen series. The colors are so vibrant. The time of day made the biggest difference between the two photos. Early afternoon vs. dusk. The colors on the original look like gold plating and a bright bronze color encompasses the current photo. The dome is lit giving off an amazing terracotta hue. The flags are gone or possibly just taken down for the day and the grassy intersection is now home to a walkway and no longer to 1960′s VW Beetles.

The Little Mermaid


*Ok, I will admit that I did have the “Ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah. Ah ah aaaaaaah” sound in my head the entire day after I went to take this photo. This is a big tourist attraction in Denmark. This lady was even moved to China for their Expo in 2010, so she is in high demand. She was home for my visit and not much has changed but the aging process any 99 year old goes through. She was decapitated a couple of times, so she looks pretty good having endured that trama. You go Ariel!

Gefion Fountain


*The fountain is located off the harbor, a point where my grandfather’s ship would have come in to. As soon as I made my way over the bridge, his presence was undeniable. It was windy and cold but the scenery was gorgeous. To best word to describe it would be magical. The fountain looks like it has had a facelift and the trees are no longer in the background, but Norse goddess Gefjun is still there in all her glory. The fountain is used as a wishing well. I didn’t throw a coin in however, I needed change for the bus. Granting my wish to teleport would have made a much better ending to this story.

Memorial Anchor


*The Memorial Anchor. It’s a beautiful statue. The backdrop couldn’t have been more picturesque. I waited to take the shot for about twenty minutes as a couple happened to be standing in the exact spot where I needed to be. Children like to use the statue as jungle gym too, so waited for them to scurry on their little way. There was a market going that day that changes the photo. However, the coolest thing about this photo is the moment a blackbird flew into the photo. (see on upper left of the anchor) Immediately, the Beatles Blackbird cued in my head.

Statue of Bishop Absalon 


*This is the best I could do. I gave 100%. I did, I did. Construction is to blame. My batting of the eyelashes helped weasel my way in a bit closer but still, it was not the same. In the distance the bar name has changed but still a bar. And on this particular night most places were getting ready for a city wide culture night. The city was full of energy and Copenhagen, she was ready to shine on.

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