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By dayna

Ah Hamburg, Hamburg take me in.

On 17, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In The Flip Slide | By dayna

Copenhagen might be my steady, but Hamburg, ah Hamburg, you are a love affair waiting to happen. Knowing nothing about this city, I succumbed to a small google search. One mention of it being the Venice of the North, sold me. Then scanning through the slides, I put it on the itinerary.

Coming in on the train was when I got my first glimpse of him. Hamburg is a male in my mind. He seems rough around the edges at times but his soul is as bright as they come. He also looks pretty dapper all dressed up at night. The view through the tiny train window was of Lake Binnenalster located in the center of the city. It was dusk. The lights of the surrounding buildings were reflecting off the water. It was like catching a glimpse of someone and doing a double take. That’s all it took. With a blink of an eye, my heart skipped a beat.

Eclectic. That’s the best word to describe Hamburg. When your first day spent together¬†consists of visiting the red light district, climbing up a monument for a photo op, sitting in a book store for hours, grabbing a drink at a posh hotel bar, and finishing the night off at a famous dive bar that lured you in by the disco ball reflecting through the window, you know he’s quite unique.¬†Everything lined up perfectly.¬†That day, those moments cannot be duplicated. I guess all good love affairs are that way.

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